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Tribute Schmibute


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The Billing:

Tribute Schmibute: A Comedy Rock Show 

Hilarious All-Star "Tribute" To Your Favorite Rock Icons And More! 

With a unique tongue-in-cheek style, Joel Mason goes rogue with his one-of-a-kind blend of hip comedy and music to bring his interactive and hilarious tribute to a surprise pack of rock icons ...and much more! Forget what you've ever heard or thought about "tribute shows": Joel Mason takes an entirely different approach. Featured on MTV and VH1.


The Content (version 1.0):


The show layout below includes a description of the scenes and a video example.   A single video clips that includes ALL examples (shortened) in one seamless clip can be seen here:

Elton Schmelton

Joel pays “Tribute Schmibute” to ELTON JOHN. 



Billy Schmoel

Joel pays “Tribute Schmibute” to BILLY JOEL. 


Rap Schmap

Joel goes gangsta.

The Schmarlie Daniels Band

Joel performs original version of “Devil Went Down to Georgia” adaptation presenting a piano battle between ELTON and BILLY. 



The Schmeagles

Joel surprises guests with his unforeseen guitar skillz.





Joel uses guest’s room key as guitar pick for next performance, “Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee.”



“Pick Up The Pieces” includes comedic scene with Joel on saxaphone, and full orchestra feature with solos.



Joel reappears onstage to pay Tribute Schmibute to PRINCE in full costume and custom exclusive “Purple Rain”guitar.




 90 second clip



Schtevie Ray 

Joel pays Tribute Schmibute to blues legend STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN. Includes custom SRV guitar

and custom SRV hat (made especially for this show by Stevie’s same hat maker!)!


Queen: Bohemian Rhapschody

Joel pays Schmibute to lendendary Queen.




Technical inclusions and requirements:

Stage Prop


Large multimedia stage prop with 2 built-in flat screens displaying in-the-moment live camera footage as well as prepared images and animation scenes for atmosphere. Requires stage techs for assembly, and one tech to operate videos mixing console. If there is an available track, recommended to “fly” (and store) prop overhead. Ships in 3 small cases. One additional shipping trunk (approx 4’X2’X2’) includes custom guitars, costumes, music equipment, cameras, video mixers and media players for the stage prop.

Show needs ship’s concert piano, guitar amp, possible additional digital piano. 

$10,000 of custom costumes, $20,000 multimedia stage prop and console, $12,000 custom (one-of-a- kind) guitars and gear, $7500 in original orchestral arrangements, $2000 in custom original art and cartoon animation...and a $20 harmonica!!